Upcoming acquisition PC generation

Jupiter series full framerate 4Kp60 12G-SDI as well as HDMI2.0 capture modules are being developped. These video acquisition computers feature Intel latest generation 8th Gen core i7 CPU as well as Magewell’s Pro capture PCIe Gen2x4 framegrabber cards. The modules come in a compact form factor solid aluminium chassi of size: 179 x 174.6 x 79.6mm Here are the 3 flagships of the Jupiter series:

Jupiter H2

One-channel 4K capture PC Captures HDMI 2.0 + embedded audio 
Loop-through HDMI 2.0 + embedded audio

Jupiter S4

One-Channel 4K Capture Card
Capture one 12G-SDI signal using one of the following connecting methods:
Jupiter HS
Single-link 12G-SDI Dual-link 6G-SDI Quad-link 3G-SDI

Jupiter Hs

One-channel 4K capture PC Captures one of the following 12G-SDI + embedded audio HDMI 2.0 + embedded audio

Upcoming acquisition PC generation
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